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Thread: Bobby Mauch 1921-2007

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    Bobby Mauch 1921-2007


    BOBBY MAUCH (Prince) with his twin brother BILLY
    in the film

    [SIZE=4]MAUCH, Robert J. "Bob"[/SIZE] - Passed away in Santa Rosa on October 15, 2007 at the age of 86. Loving husband of Georgia S. Mauch; adored twin brother of the late William H. Mauch; dear uncle of William J. Mauch, II. Born in Peoria, IL, he grew up and lived most of his life in the Los Angeles area. Bob was a child actor, and with his twin William, acted in the original Errol Flynn movie "The Prince and the Pauper." He went on to become a film editor, working on many film projects and shows. He was a film editor for the "Dragnet" series for many years. Bob was a former member of the Screen Actors Guild and the Film Editors Guild. No formal services will be held. Just remember his talent, his love of a good story, and all of the memories he leaves behind. DANIELS CHAPEL OF THE ROSES FUNERAL AND CREMATION SERVICES 707-525-3730

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    He outlived his twin by little over a year.

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    What a lovely obituary...

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    He was great in the movie series PENROD, playing a slightly 'Andy Hardy-ish" character, tho the character was supposed to be around 12. I think he did 3 of them in the late 30s, all highly recommended. PENROD AND SAM, PENROD'S TWIN BROTHER, and one other.

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