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Thread: How about the Worst song you ever heard?

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    I HATE We Built This City too. what a shit song. I actually like some other Supertramp songs like The Logical Song and maybe a few others. I wasn't aware of them (I'd heard their songs growing up but didn't know who did them) until about 2008. I would always get them confused with REO Speedwagon.

    I can't stand the song Mr. Wendell. I want to rip my hair out when I hear it. We have a new classic hip hop station that plays some great stuff but I always hated that one.

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    No Way No Way by the British Girl Group Vanilla. They strut around a pool in the video acting like 'the sexier version of the Spice Girls' with idiotic hand movements when in fact they look like the kind of thing you get in the bargain bin in cut price shops. I actually don't think anyone has got through the whole song/video to the end without turning it off.

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