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Thread: Ben Affleck

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWrath of MadelineKahn View Post
    After Ben and Jen took a family trip to the Bahamas with the nanny, Ben and the nanny flew to LA via a private jet, but first they picked up Tom Brady and stopped in Vegas.

    This is what finally got the nanny canned. I know 20 yr olds must document everything with cellphone pics, but apparently adult males don't have an ounce of sense either.
    Sounds as if the nanny had everything planned from the start. The latest news doing the rounds is she was trying to get pregnant so she would always have her hooks into him but seemingly he learned his lesson after the last one. The nanny's a ho-bag...he's a dick. Jennifer's stupid because he's done this so many times now that hiring an attractive nanny is like throwing petrol on a fire. I can't even feel sorry for her because it's not like she didn't know what he was capable of before they got together. The one's I really feel for are the kids in all this. Their first is old enough to get what's going on and asshole or not, he's still her dad and it can't be nice her having to hear all the gossip going about.

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    The nanny??? Oh Ben no. Dumbass.

    And really Tom Brady? Yeah, let her wear your rings.

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    Someone smellin' a payout. And up your trousers and protect your Savings account.
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