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Thread: Frank Doubleday- Romero in "Escape from New York"

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    Frank Doubleday- Romero in "Escape from New York"

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    He guest starred on "The Incredible Hulk" his wife was an actress in the 70's Christina Hart who played Manson killer Patricia Krenwinkel in the 1976 original Helter Skelter movie. it was weird Christina Hart was a pretty blonde and Krenwinkel was a homely red haired girl. talk about a miscast. Christina might have been better suited for playing Sharon Tate than Krenwinkel. but RIP to Frank Doubleday and my condolences and prayers to Christina & the family.

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    I remember him best from Avenging Angel, the second movie in the trilogy. Always played the bad guy to perfection. RIP. Christina Hart was very attractive, Nancy Wolfe and Cathey Paine were perfectly cast in their roles as Susan and Leslie. Christina was definitely miscast. Cathey got out of acting in the '80's and is now a private wealth advisor, still looks great today as does Christina.
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