This is Aaron Wulf. He was a former child actor, who mainly did some national commercials but most of them were from the Chicagoland area. Aaron did enjoy some success in shows such as Monk. However, Aaron had a deep dark secret. Aaron's parents; Art and Jan Wuulf were abusing Aaron as a child. You see, Art was a bad man. Art was a very prominent lawyer in the Chicagoland area. However, Art was not making the money that he thought he was worth. Aaron also had other siblings, but they weren't anything like Aaron. You see, Aaron had to him that Art noticed, and decided to get little Aaron into child acting. Art thought with the money Aaron was making with his child acting, Art could use it for his shady business deals involving the Jewish mafia in the Chicagoland areas.

Originally, Art was trying to become the head of his mother in law's estate, as she was worth millions. However, Jan Wulf's mother wanted nothing to do with her or Art. So the only way Art could get the money he needed for these shady business deals, was to use little Aaron as his "cash cow." Aaron had the looks and the charm that casting directors loved. But, with Hollywood come's the demons that the industry hides. You see, Aaron was sexually and physically abused as a child. If Aaron didn't do what Art had asked of him, Art would physically abuse him to a point that he would only stop when he was exhausted. His sister Stacy and brother Seth would encourage the violence against Aaron and even tattle on him for the stupidest things, in order for Art to whale his violent tendencies against Aaron.

It only got worse for him when he got older. Aaron was an awkward pre-teen, and because of this casting agents weren't interested in him anymore. This upset Art so much that beatings got worse. They got so worse, that Aaron's aunt and uncle intervened and took Aaron out of the house. They took photos of bruises Aaron had on his buttocks and body. However, they were threatened by Jan that if they reported either her or Art to the authorities they would make it to where they would make their lives miserable, by involving the Jewish mafia. Aunt and uncle were forced to walk away and let the abuse continue.

When Aaron was in high school, he decided to defend himself and started working out in order to protect himself from Art. This worked but it only got worse for Aaron. While Aaron attended Northbrook High School in Northbrook, he was sexually molested by his baseball coach Stu Scott. Stu had been known as a closeted pedophile who preyed on vulnerable teens. He would do things to Aaron that would make anyone vomit. This included locking him in the gym showers and forcing Aaron to strip down to nothing but a jock strap and handcuffing him to the shower pipe while Stu would slather him with baby oil and coat his anus with vaseline in order to violate him with a screwdriver handle as old Stu couldn't do the job due to having a limp dick he would violate Aaron while he jerked off at the same time. No one could hear Aaron scream as Stu would have the radio turned up on full blast to drown out what was transpired. No one at Northbrook believed him as they all said he was "known for making things up." Stu was finally forced to resign from Northbrook after another student came forward with allegations of being raped by Stu Scott.

His sister Stacy and brothers Zachary and Seth weren't perfect either. Stacy was known to eat fecal matter when she was a kid. She also couldn't get a boyfriend and even had an incestuous crush on Aaron. It got so bad that while Stacy was away at college Aaron came down to visit as Stacy had said that she had some friends who had a crush on Aaron. He was shocked to find out that her dormmates showed Aaron a shrine of Aaron that Stacy had made in her closet. Stacy also had sick fantasies of having sex with Aaron in the family hot tub while their parents were out of the country. Stacy has only had one boyfriend, and that relationship was back in the early 2000's and lasted not even a year. There's also this idea that she might be a closeted lesbian. Zachary also suffered abuse from Art, though his wasn't as bad as Aaron's. Zachary and Aaron would always look out for each other. However, while Aaron was more compassionate, Zachary became an angry man because of Art. Zachary would later disown the family and change his middle name as his way of saying "fuck you" to Art and Jan. Seth was Art and Jan's golden child and this showed as they would talk about him non-stop to their friends and colleagues.

Art would "adopt" another man but the name of David Wolfson, whom later became "David Wulf." However, this was a ploy as Art and David were in fact, gay lovers. He used the "adoption" ploy in order to spend time with David, but keep it away from Jan. If Jan knew Art was into forbidden tendencies, Jan would have murdered him. SO Art kept his homosexual tendencies a secret from the family. However, Aaron would accidentally walk into the bedroom and catch Art anally fucking David while Jan was away on business. Aaron vowed to tell Jan but Art made it to where he would make it to where he would make Aaron's life a living hell. On top of that Aaron did tell Jan, but Jan didn't believe Aaron.

Once Aaron finally turned 18, he moved out and wanted to Aaron turned 18, he moved out to Los Angeles to get away from Art and Jan. However, Art would stick it to Aaron in the worst way. Art bought properties illegally by using his kids credit. He would buy the property in Encino and make it to where it looked like Aaron lived there and never made his mortgage payments, effectively ruining Aaron's credit by forcing him to file for Bankruptcy. The house would go into foreclosure and Art would buy the property outright on the cheap. He would then rent the property out and make money off of the investment. Aaron's acting career would start back up, but not for long. He did get a role on the hit USA television series Monk. This is and a small role on the show Boyfriend were the only gigs he got. After that, he decided to become a photographer and international travel.

However, Aaron was also bisexual. When he came out to Hollywood, he would hook up with men and loved to cruise the areas of LA to make a quick buck. This is where he met Richard Hillman. Richard (or Richie as we called him) was in minor roles such as Bring It On and Detroit Rock City. Aaron fell in love with Richie and enjoyed his company. Aaron would also live with Richie and they were thinking of getting married. However, Richie had his demons as well. You see just as Aaron, Richie was also a victim of paternal abuse and rape. Richie would cope by picking up men and shooting up. In the end, Mr. Brownstown was Richie's demise. Aaron was devastated as Richie was the man of his dreams. Aaron decided to travel the world
to put his mind at ease of Richie. Aaron would not mention Richie in his suicide letter as he didn't want people to know that he was bi-sexual. Aaron was very self-conscious and protective of his image.

Aaron would end up meeting the girl of his dreams, Shar. However, Shar ended up developing terminal cancer and would pass away. With nothing left, Aaron would travel to Malaysia. While in Malaysia, Aaron would contract a virus and almost died. He was able to contact family friend JefF Golob in order to get help out of the US. Jeff was actually a member of the Jewish mafia in Chicago. However, Jeff would contact Art and Jan to let them know about Aaron. Art thought Aaron was full of shit and wanted him to die in Malaysia. But Jan loved Aaron and got him a ticket to Las Vegas. This is where the story get's really tragic. When Aaron finally arrived at their Vegas home, Jan and Art were still out of the country on vacation. Aaron was really upset by this and wasn't in the right state of mind. He never wanted to come back to Art and Jan's he wanted nothing to do with them. But because of Jeff's deception, Aaron was left with no choice.

Aaron decided he had enough and was planning on killing himself. Art and Jan wanted nothing to do with him while he lived with them. He also was in poverty. He would then spend the next three months writing a 500-page suicide letter. This outlined all of the abuse he endured throughout his life. The link below is to download the suicide letter as the file is too big to upload.|

June 2nd, would be the day no one thought would happen. However, Aaron probably snapped and thought "enough is enough" and got his revenge on Jan and Art. All the abuse and pain led him to murder. Because of the abuse Aaron suffered from Art, it drove him to kill his abuser. Aaron wasn't a bad person and wasn't evil. He did suffer from mental illness, but it was due to the complex post-traumatic stress disorder he was diagnosed with from all of the abuse.