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Thread: Posting guidelines?

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    Posting guidelines?

    I understand that we should not post any links to porn content on the forum because it leads to spamming.

    Are we encouraged or discouraged from posting anything else?
    Youtube links? Other links?

    Is cut & paste content from other sites without attribution to the source okay?

    Anything else we should know to protect the forum, Scott and Nick?
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    Use these forum rules for now. I will modify them for FAD, but they will essentially be the same.

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    To answer your question more fully: you should link to content you quote extensively. It's common courtesy and interested readers may want to go to the source to find out more. But, of course, it's up to you.

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    P O R N?????????? Do you want my heart to attack me!!

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    I endorse the NO PORN rule. NO PORN!! NO PORN!!

    It's a rule that may one day cover Nick's ass. Although it's not frigging likely covering his ass was ever on his mind.
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