My goodness!! So worth it!!

  1. dovescry1999
    I'm old school Star Trek (I imagine having Spock's baby, he was so hot to me!), but I'm not a purist. SO I went with a clean heart, mind and spirit...

    I tell you!!!It was so worth it!

    I will wait a while, but I really want to discuss this with another 60s baby. But, I will be going to see it again in a few days, and I usually don't do that with too many movies.
  2. John Trim
    John Trim
    I saw it yesterday and am planning on seeingit again in a week or so.
    I watched the origanal series from the beginning and have been a big fan since.
    This movie just blew me away. I believe it is a new start and that Gene Roddenberry would have been proud. The Acting was great. The story was good and the special effects didn't overwhelm the picture.
  3. TheMysterian
    I went yesterday and saw it in (IMAX) all I can say is WOW! action from begining to end
  4. Stonecold
    I saw it... fantastic. Nice spin on the love angle too.
  5. erin
    I finally saw it last night at the drive-in. yes, my little hick town still has a real drive-in. this movie was sooooo good, and i was so shocked that spock and uhura were, well, you know. the story was great, and kirk was HOT!
  6. Glamrock Princess
    Glamrock Princess
    I like the original series, but my fave is The Next Generation. I am in love with Data, he is fully functional after all.
  7. erin
    Data was always one of my favorite characters on that show. He was so great, funny, serious, so eager to learn ANYTHING about being human.
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