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  1. LadyCurry
    Just thought I'd share my favorite Rush Limbaugh quote with you guys- If you want to know what the liberals are up to, watch what they are blaming everyone else for!

    Speaks volumes to me! I am so frustrated with this stupid stimulus bill right now that I can't even see straight! This thing will not stimulate anything except anger and frustration in our future generations! What is the good of creating a couple jobs here and there that will only last a couple of years....then what? These people will be back in the unemployment line!
  2. SheBoss
    Love the title of the group! Hello, All!

    I was absolutely livid over this spending package. I came to the other group that was here to vent and found it gone. So I've been simmering in my own anger for several days. If I blow and vent, please just excuse me.
  3. melmoney
    It's scary how big this stimulus is getting. I guess Obama is experiencing the woes of presidency. No more Mr. Nice Guy anymore. Back to partisan politics like we smart ones expected.
  4. LadyCurry
    Socialized medicine???? Where does this actually work? I don't know one single person in this country that can't get medical care! They either have insurance or they are on some government program. If they can't afford insurance and haven't taken the necessary steps to get on a government funded program....who's fault is that? The only people I feel sorry for are fresh out of college single people when they are out looking for a job and whatnot. Call me uninformed or naive- maybe I am- I dunno!
    Thank you so much....the last two weeks have been hard to not vent out my frustrations at this administration already! Boss~ I will probably be doing the same for a little while!
  5. LadyCurry
    I can't post right now in the O thread because of my you know whats....BUT, I think your point about Casey A. is completely valid and wonderful! I have no tolerance for PC stuff! I wonder- I truly do- what the Dems. would have done after 9/11. I know the standard Right answer would be nothing- BUT, I seriously don't think it would be nothing. The vast majority of Americans wanted fast and ferocious retaliation..and then they forgot. I believe this country would be in the same boat- if not worse- if Al Gore had taken office. *nukes are causing global warming* *GAG* I just wish people understood the good that is being done in Iraq. If we didn't do it then- we would've been there now, five years from now- or ten. We saved millions of people from dying at the hands of their own government- I forbid to believe the Iraq war is an injustice! What happened to the democrats being the more compassionate party???? Why wouldn't they want to save the Iraqi people from their eminent demise??????
  6. melmoney
    I don't understand it either. But there is not a lot I do understand about liberalism. For instance, they are for abortion but against capital punishment. I cannot understand that.

    I was surprised to get some responses in the O thread defending Obama's PCness. Of course I'm not really surprised that they are defending his every move...but rather, they are voicing opposition to fighting Al-Qaeda. I thought most American's (R or D) would agree that we must fight against terrorists and those reponsible for the horrible acts they've committed. But apparently not. I think Obama will have some explaining to do when he meets with the 9/11 families today.
  7. kafenervosa
    Alright, I'm one of the Right Minds!!!! Sometimes it felt like I was the only one with a conservative view point. Glad you guys are here.

    You know I have a problem with CEOs, of corporations receiving bail out money, making millions, but can Obama really put a cap on their salaries? Isn't this Socialism at its finest? I don't like the PC stuff either. I think that's part of what's wrong with our country today.
  8. melmoney
    Kafe- I, too, have wondered if this salary cap is bordering on socialism and if Obama was overstepping his power. However, I do agree with the President on this one...gasp..I know . I think the situation calls for limits only because these banking institutions are getting government aid that we taxpayers will someday have to pay back. So by allowing a CEO to have a extroadinarily high Golden Parachute, it might only further this mess we're in. But any other circumstance and/or time, I would not agree with this at all.
  9. LadyCurry
    The next step towards socializing is nationalizing banks! If they can start capping salaries on what people can will be over! Mel, I have to agree though, I get outraged at these CEO's...I understand *yeeks* why O is doing it....but man- it is socialism!
    If the government takes over our large banks, i.e., Bank of America, it will indeed "own" the largest bank in this country! Who is calling the shots then- the government will basically be calling the shots for all the other banks on how they run their own banks! Socialism!
  10. melmoney
    Yep, it's a domino effect. It all starts at the root of the problem.

    To quote Ronald Reagan: "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."
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