Meet The Beatles (Fans)

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  1. ratkin638
    If you're a Beatles fan, you're in the right place. Sign up, and say hello.
  2. lab_rat
    Yippee!!! Awesome pics - you have one from each "stage."
  3. ratkin638
    I still remember watching their first appearance on Ed Sullivan. I wasn't a true fan yet - I was in the other room watching Disney, but made my mother and sister promise to call me when they came on! Now I have those appearances on DVD, and still pull them out and watch'em now and again.
  4. lab_rat
    Where is everyone?

    I wasn't born when they appeared on Ed Sullivan. I would love to have been though just so I could have seen it live.
  5. ratkin638
    As far as I'm concerned, this group is like the line from 'Field of Dreams': If you build it, they will come. I imagine that we'll have company presently.

    I saw all four Beatles play live. Just not together.
  6. lab_rat
    I saw the band 1964 play - twice. Does that count?
  7. ratkin638
    I've always been of the opinion that anything counts if you remember it fondly.
  8. lab_rat
    I am going to see them again actually next month. They really sound and look a lot like the early Beatles. (I know - I'm lame.)
  9. ratkin638
    There's a really good musician named Marshall Crenshaw ('Someday, Someway," "Cynical Girl," "Whenever You're On My Mind") who actually got his show business break playing John Lennon in a Broadway Beatles tribute show called Beatlemania ("Not the real Beatles, but an incredible reproduction")
  10. John Trim
    John Trim
    I just found this group. I saw the Beatles live at their last live concert at candlestick Park, San Francisco, Ca, August 29th, 1966.
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