Health care reform

  1. Ima Sikfuk
    Ima Sikfuk
    With all the misinformation out there about health care reform, thought we might ought to revive this group and have a new discussion area for health care reform. What think you folks?
  2. Ima Sikfuk
    Ima Sikfuk
    Here is an example of the tactics of some folks:
    First a lady named Pamela Pilger is interviewed by KLAS-TV in LAs Vegas as to why she is against the Obama Administration's Health Care Reform.

    Later they are interviewing an Israeli Jew named Samuel Blum who supports the reform when Ms. Pilger makes another appearance where she shouts "Heil Hitler" (while wearing a t-shirt of the Israel Defense Forces) and later mocks Blum...
  3. Ima Sikfuk
    Ima Sikfuk
    And here is the document in question. Sean Hannity claims to have read it. I have started reading it. Just because we read it does not mean we understand it. The language of legalese confuses me no end.
  4. pattykad
    Okay, I'm going to tackle this assignment in the morinng Rik. I'm too
    tired tonight. But I have been curious about the people that say
    they've read the bill...I doubt the average person can understand
    it. Thanks for starting this group!
  5. pattykad
    Oh, and I did try and read that this morning! And then I saw how
    many pages and I quit. That's what shocked me when people here
    on FAD said they read it. Seriously? They read that?
  6. Ima Sikfuk
    Ima Sikfuk
    Well here is a little something that is not very hard to read or understand:
  7. NewYorkDoll
    so is everyone just cowering under their afghans? i know i am. i have not been around for awhile...what is the temperature in the forum?
  8. SomeChick
    It's always just the right temperature as long as folks follow the forum rules.
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