What's going on in your local area of Florida?

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  1. I♥TinyTim
    Post your local news, weather, etc.
  2. djdeath-hag
    Across the bay, in Largo, there was a murder/suicide scenario that unfolded yesterday morning. A man had allowed a friend with cancer & her adult son to move into his home....and then the son's UNDERage girlfriend too. Apparently they took over his house, refused to leave & he lost it. He even killed his own dog. The woman is the only survivor (last I checked)....the homeowner/shooter, the son & his 16 yr. old g.f. are dead. Sad....yet having had a very uncomforatable housemate situation, I can see how it could happen. Relax, I don't have or want to own any firearms. Another tenant would be nice though, strictly from the financial aspect.
  3. I♥TinyTim
    Whoa, Nelly!

    Waaaaaiiiit a miiiinuteeee... You're gonna yell, "APRIL FOOL'S!!!" Aren't you?
  4. sunshine2828
    OMG only in FL could this happen! I haven't seen it in our paper...yet.
  5. djdeath-hag
    Whatcyatalkin'bout, Willis???? How you callin' Nelly??? Sad but this story was/is true....proof here.
  6. I♥TinyTim
    Geezer-whiz! Talk about "going off" on people... The man went bonkers! That poor dog. what'd he do to deserve that?
  7. djdeath-hag
    With folks like Casey Anthony & the woman who offed her son at the indoor shootin' gallery, we don't need any more news outta the Sunshine State! The webnews states that we're in for an "average" hurricane season. It's only average if you are not at ground zero, right?
  8. I♥TinyTim
    Oh, geez! It's almost "that time" again?! Every time they say one thing, the entire opposite happens. When they say it's going to be a slow one, we'll get hit with 9 million category fives. When they say it will be an active one, we get nothing more than a shower with some wind.
  9. bluebird14
    My parents house is one or two miles from the Anthony home. Thats just really scary to me!
    Well our countys sherriff just began seving a 71 month prison sentence......GOOD TIMES!

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