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  1. I hope you're doing ok. I lurk here a lot, I don't make many contributions but I miss seeing yours...
  2. I was just as shocked! I go to Wikipedia and type in "2014 Deaths" every few days (I'm morbid like that) and there was his name. Wish I knew the details of his death, hopefully it will come out in a few days. Probably offed himself, the coward. I'm pretty surprised there's not much information about this case in the forum, guess I better get!
  3. Hey, I just saw where you mentioned Alan Blackthorne being dead. I had no idea! There was a new episode of a crime show about the case just a few weeks ago, I can't remember which show it is. I shocked to find out he is dead!
  4. Of course you've been missed silly! I'm glad to hear that everything is going so well for you and I look forward to you posting with us when things settle down for you again. Thanks for the message!
  5. Aww Mammy, bless your sweet heart, I didn't even think I would be missed! In all actuality, I didn't expect 2013 to get so busy! I'm being promoted, moving at the end of this month, and started dating a romance author (we even share the same birthday) but hopefully will be back around May. How have you been???
  6. Dang, Dang, I haven't seen you on here forever! How are ya?
  7. Mammy, thanks for that. I know we all say "it was such a horrific crime" to a lot of the things we read in here because they are, but passing that bagel shop every day for 2 years just made it more real, and will always make me remember. I am also thrilled to have you as a friend!
  8. I'm glad you started a thread for Lisa, Jayden, and Marleigh. Such a sad and brutal crime and just senseless. I can't believe I've never thought to look for a thread about them on here.
  9. And I'm a few hours late... but hope yours was a good one!
  10. I'm a few hours early, but Happy Thanksgiving!
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