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  1. Drunk drivers are at it again....
  2. Victor and Larissa Markov: Killed By Son Over $5 Gas Money
  3. Criminal Illegal Immigrant Population Rises
  4. Sonny Pierce: Killed Teen, Had Sex With Her Corpse On Film
  5. Family-Killer Christian Longo wants to donate Organs.
  6. A untold story
  7. Severed Head Found in Backpack
  8. Killer Caught Because He Had Murder Scene Tattooed On Chest
  9. Officials: Illegal Immigrant Became a Cop in Alaska
  10. Man Charged After Beating Wife In Judge‚??s Private Chambers
  11. Teaching couple in CA lured teen with alcohol, hot tub
  12. Raymond Mitchell: Shot For Breaking Up A Fight At McDonald's
  13. Terrance Black: Accused Of Killing Wife, Fails At Suicide
  14. Julia Bennett: Shot By 2-Year Old Son
  15. NYC's fire-proof criminal teachers go back to class
  16. 4 Women And A 14-Year Old Throats Slashed In Mexico
  17. cadaver article
  18. Motorcyclist thrown into Dallas Traffic - He's OK
  19. 2 Men's Bodies Found In 15-Foot Mound Of Manure
  20. Cold-blooded murder of Trevonne Winn in Brooklyn caught on v
  21. Pit Bulls Maul Woman to Death :(
  22. woman released after shaking baby to death in 2008
  23. Power Saw Used In Plymouth Murder-Suicide
  24. Carlos Barron: Shoots Gun At Reality TV Film Crew
  25. Brian White: Allowed Bedridden Mother To Be Eaten By Maggots
  26. Body of Missing Maine Mother Discovered in New Hampshire
  27. Man Drives Car Over Grand Canyon Rim - And Lives
  28. Woman dies after using Bath Salts.. Karma at its best!
  29. Man had corpse in Santa Cruz apartment for a week
  30. 8 Horses Killed in Fire - Hate Crime Suspected
  31. Mum blind as fiend gouges out eyes
  32. Billy Wayne Cope- Child murderer or not?
  33. Woman Arrested For Biting Boyfriend’s Penis During Argument
  34. Murder Suspect brought to Polk (County)
  35. Osama Bin Laden
  36. A child in a cage and the remains of another found
  37. This One Hits Close To Home :(
  38. Suspect Loses His Pants and the Stolen Beer
  39. Pauline Amstel, murder mystery from 1914
  40. Deaf men stabbed after sign language mistaken for gang signs
  41. Man found crucified in empty stone quarry; vic in Biblical s
  42. Breakin With Bath Salts Pygmy Goat And Porn
  43. "Rapest" tattooed on mans forehead
  44. Judge reinstates controversial drunkenness defence in sex as
  45. Bronx ADA Finally Busted for 2 DUIs
  46. Mother of two dies in suspicious house fire.
  47. Art Student Dies For Art
  48. 9 yr old boy beheaded.. *GRAPHIC*
  49. Michael Devlin attacked in prison
  50. Sheriff's Office Arrests 22 in Child Predator Sting
  51. $7 million bank heist: Suspect nabbed in '83 case
  52. Would-be cannibal arrested
  53. Judge calls convicted child molester ‚??gayer than a sweet-sme
  54. Skyler Kauffman. Murdered, raped and stuffed into a trashcan
  55. Local woman accused of beating baby to death
  56. Woman Attacked & Beheaded in Tenerife Supermarket!
  57. Drugs and Raccoon Meat Sold at Carwash
  58. IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn accused of attempted rape
  59. Pete Rose makes plea to manage
  60. What do you think? Real Murder or SIDS
  61. Camden Pierce Hughes
  62. Timothy Pitzen missing, mom found dead in hotel.
  63. Police: Dania man put sick, elderly mom in tool shed to rent
  64. Dad & 16-yr-old-Daughter "Proud to Be" Lovers
  65. Girl punished for not reporting sex on school bus
  66. Video shows mother smothering 4month old
  67. Great LA Times Crime Noir--The LAPD Gangster Sqd
  68. woman shoots intruder then calls 911
  69. L.A. police find body of naked woman in recycling dump
  70. Unusually High Number of Baby Deaths
  71. Allison Bayliss Missing-My friend's niece
  72. NY Investigation Celebs tickets go away
  73. K9 Cop Starves His Dog to Death- Warning Photo
  74. Ratko Mladic Arrested
  75. Teen Suicide Due To Camping's Prediction
  76. Grandma Bandit is a man, baby!
  77. Castle Rock mom formally charged in 2 kids' deaths
  78. Lashawna Threatt Dies In Fall From Window At Atlanta Hotel
  79. Vaughn Murders. Why the Long Delay in Trial?
  80. Just Witnessed a Police Shooting!
  81. Sarah Townsend
  82. California woman spotted pushing trashcan of human body part
  83. Hamza al-Khateeb 13 yr old
  84. Katya Koren stoned to death
  85. Woman Brings Penis to Police as Evidence
  86. Woman Smothers 4-Year-Old Stepdaughter
  87. Man Found Buried in Backyard.....but No Foul Play Suspected.
  88. Police and Firefighters Watch as Man Drowns
  89. Trooper Hit in Drunk Driving Crash Dies
  90. Paula Sims
  91. Missing Nursing Student Michelle Le, Hayward, CA
  92. Woman Dies After Being Swept Over Niagara Falls
  93. Two Year Old Girl Dies After Spanking
  94. Mom leaves baby in car with corpse
  95. Billy Bob Thornton's daughter convicted on manslaughter
  96. NYC Woman Faints, Fall Onto Subway Tracks
  97. Cold Case Haunts Police Detective
  98. Story and Video, Terrorist F's himself badly. verry funny.
  99. Girl Dies From Fall from NJ Ferris Wheel
  100. Mile High Club--Solo don't count...
  101. 25 - 30 bodies found in mass grave in texas
  102. Innocent Bystander Killed In Police Shoot-Out
  103. Fleeing Grandparents Captured In Canada
  104. Kansas City Girl, 5, Admitts Drowning Toddler
  105. Kristen Costas
  106. Gotta love our management team
  107. VA Inmate Sues state for Sex Change operation
  108. 96-Year-old woman confesses to 1946 murder
  109. Last Meals
  110. Liverpool woman deliberately left dead in bed for 7 months
  111. Man shot wife, 2 children before killing himself
  112. Joyce Chiang-Washington Intern
  113. Bloody Benders
  114. Convicted sex offender dies while raping 77 yr old
  115. Pennsylvania Man Dropped Cinderblock on Newborn
  116. Amy Fisher
  117. Toddler drowns in Abbs Valley pool
  118. Irv Rubin, Jewish Defense League,
  119. Wilana Joenel Frazier
  120. Ferret chews off most of baby's fingers
  121. Corn Dogs going to be used as evidence?
  122. Nothing worse than a woman scorned
  123. Darwin Idot Award: Man uses shotgun to remove warts
  124. 16 year old Carly Lewis murdered by 17 year old male friend
  125. Rape at my old high school in NJ
  126. N.J. Mom jailed,kids found wandering streets naked & hungry
  127. Four People Murdered at Medford NY Pharmacy
  128. Drunk man operates on pet Doberman
  129. Mom charged with murder of 5-year-old son beat child to deat
  130. Cali mom accused of killing baby in microwave
  131. Missing Adam Vincent-Head found in river
  132. Jason Valdez Posts on Facebook During Police Standoff
  133. 3 Yr Old Enidaliz Ortiz Beaten to Death
  134. Homeowner Arrested After Sus.Intruder Dies After Stabbing
  135. Caylee Trial
  136. Man in port-a-potty tank eludes police
  137. 7-11 driver surrenders to the Police
  138. Girl Murdered while on Vacation
  139. Vermont Couple, the Curriers, missing 2 weeks
  140. 5 Russian Nuclear Scientists Die in Plane Crash
  141. Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre
  142. Man knocked off Cincinnati bridge after car accident
  143. Conn. sex assault victim bites off attacker's tongue
  144. Baby Dies From Morphine In Mom's Breast Milk
  145. Caged boy Christian Choate
  146. Woman Bites Off Man’s Tongue During Attempted Sexual Assault
  147. Amish Sexting Suspect Drove Horse-Drawn Buggy To Sting
  148. Bodenfelde child-killer gets life sentence
  149. Aurore Gagnon: Quebec's Little Martyr
  150. Furst & Larkin 1989 Unsolved Murders in MD
  151. Monroe Beachy - The Amish Bernie Madoff
  152. Guilty until proven innocent....Isis Charm Vas
  153. Man Doesn't Know dead man is IN his car...
  154. Woman Dead for 2 Days in OPEN Public Pool
  155. Another woman has fallen to her death from a W Hotel
  156. Missing TX woman found dead in air duct
  157. Mom kills baby in drunken rage,takes him shopping
  158. Fla. Students die after hypnosis
  159. Co-Sleeping Parents Kill 2nd Infant Within a Year
  160. Man Kills 11 women in Cleveland
  161. 3 dead in NC-I40 accident this afternoon
  162. Man who killed 9-year-old girl in 1988 is executed in AZ
  163. Thail tragedy on 'holiday of a lifetime'
  164. Maria Ridulph
  165. Man torches rental car.
  166. Biker protesting helmet laws thrown from bike, killed
  167. Firefighters Velasquez & Baik: Everything that CAN go wrong
  168. Lula Cora Hood-Buried 15 years ago...found alive.
  169. Milly Dowler - the press reach a new low.
  170. Murder solved after 132 years
  171. Caylee Anthony
  172. Jilted husband builds electric chair.
  173. 11 year old murders brother, try as adult?
  174. Three and four year old found dead in car
  175. Need info on 90s murders in Alabama; falsey accused teens
  176. Unstable Mother On Run From C.P.S. With Young Daughters
  177. Trial Begins For Woman Who Left Newborn in Burn Pile
  178. Ashleigh Dye, 17, Arrested For Killing Mother With Shotgun
  179. Woman Kills son then takes him shopping
  180. Everett Conant Shoots And Kills His Three Sons, Brother
  181. Caught With Child Porn, John W. Nero Kills TX Cop
  182. Parents Arrested For Death Of 2-year-old Daughter
  183. Jennifer Jade Jones - Arrested at Town Council Meeting
  184. Regina Brown unsolved disappearance, 1987
  185. Jasmine Brown, aspiring designer, strange "suicide"
  186. Teen Arrested In Double Shooting, Mother And Step-father
  187. Retired Kansas cop arrested for rape, murder of 2 women...
  188. Russian Cruise Ship Sinks-50 Dead 80 Missing
  189. Cult Leader Killed 4 Year Old Over Fears He Was Gay
  190. Wife Drugs, Ties, Gelds Husband
  191. 1983 unsolved cold case st.louis, mo
  192. Ohio bear owner found dead with bondage restraints
  193. Heather Query Bakes Her Tots While She Shops
  194. Missing 9-year-old Leiby Kletzky found dead
  195. 2 Year old Florida Child Dies After Taking Mom's Medicine
  196. Hairdresser Used Robber As Sex Slave
  197. Jasmin Ritchey Trashes Newborn Baby Boy In Hospital Garbage
  198. Mother charged w/homicide in fire surrenders to police
  199. Bruce Johnston, Notorious Gang Leader of PA
  200. Rebecca Nalepa found Hanged
  201. Mayte Ruiz Allowed Her BF To Repeatedly Torture Her Tot
  202. Sons kill mom over yahtzee.
  203. Mother Jailed For 8 Years For Neglecting Children
  204. Mother, 2 others leave kids in hot car while at Fazoli's
  205. Heidi Knowles Tried To Sell Her Baby At Taco Bell
  206. Nadera Batson Tortured 3-year-old Godson With Blow Torch
  207. Baby Daddy, Donavan Haynes, Bites And Punches 2-year-old To
  208. Police Find Body In Enrico Mascaro's Car Trunk
  209. Starr Faithfull
  210. Couple Guilty In Pet Python Death Of 2-Year-Old
  211. Woman accidently kills husband while trying to shoot puppy
  212. Tyler Hadley, 17, Throws FB Party After Hammering Parents To
  213. Kimberly Flynn Has Twins Tots And Baby Living In Filth
  214. Double Murder in my neighborhood - TODAY
  215. Man Allows 6 Yr Old Autistic Son to be Molested
  216. Dad Demands Sex From Daughter In Exchange For Her Seeing Boy
  217. Incest Child Molest Suspect Tries To Immolate Himself
  218. J. Parker of Chicago, murdered over dripping AC
  219. Woman shoots man to death at Burger King
  220. Another Nutty Nurse Let Loose on UK Wards
  221. Jonathan Adams Arrested For Incest With Sister
  222. St. Paul man sets teen on fire
  223. Couple accused of starving 5-year-old child
  224. Mary Jophlin Hid Dead Daughter In Crawlspace
  225. Idaho teen kills parents with shotgun-can't remember her nam
  226. Teen Kills Mum Whilst Attempting To Park
  227. Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor?
  228. police officer goes off...thank god for dashcams
  229. Corrections Officer Delivers Saw Blades in Tacos
  230. sometime ago, read rticle in Seventeen;mom kills daughter
  231. Sick Mother Shops Whilst Paedophiles Rape Daughter
  232. Oslo Terrorist Attack
  233. Juliette Dunn arrested for giving 4-year-old and 10-month-ol
  234. Father Slams 7 Week Old on Pavement
  235. Couple Charged With Bestiality, Child Molestation
  236. Houston Tx Icebox Murders
  237. Six Shot Dead At Roller Rink Birthday Party
  238. 12 Injured In Seattle Area Shooting
  239. Jeremy Armantrout Blames The 12-year-old Victim
  240. Justin Janosik Arrested For Beating Newborn Son To Death
  241. One Year Old Needs Surgery After Brutal Sexual Assault
  242. Mom Faces Jail for Jaywalking After Son Dies Crossing Street
  243. 6 Year Old Found Dead In Microwave Oven
  244. Man stabs wife 100 times after reaserching perfect murder..
  245. 12yo Stabs 9yo Brother Repeatedly
  246. Engineer seeks money from parents of suicide
  247. Till Death Do Us Part: A Meaningless Murder in Hamilton, Ont
  248. Double Transplant Patient Kills Surgeon That Saved His Life
  249. HIV monster who infected woman with virus and had unprotecte
  250. Kerry spokesman stripped of Silver Star