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Thread: Ferdie Pacheco, Muhammad Ali's Ringside Doctor, 89

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    Ferdie Pacheco, Muhammad Ali's Ringside Doctor, 89

    From NPR: "The President, the Executive Committee, and all the World Boxing Association family regret the death of Mr. Ferdie Pacheco, who was legendary Muhammad Ali's physician," the association said in a statement on Friday. "Pacheco ... was key in Ali's career, he was in his corner since 1960 and accompanied him for great part of his career."

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    I thought he had passed a number of years ago! In fact, just last week I had a conversation with someone of the last name and had mentioned Ferdy and he had passed away awhile ago!

    While I was not, am not and never will be a "fan" of Cassius Clay, I came to respect Ferdy.

    I think Howard Cosell said it best...boxing is the only sport where the objective is to intentionally injure someone.

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