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Thread: Michael Cimino

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    Michael Cimino

    Dead at 77. Director of "The Deer Hunter" and "Heaven's Gate". The latter destroyed his career and bankrupted United Artists.

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    The Deer Hunter was and is a classic film. Sad that his achievements took a backseat to his obsession with plastic surgery over the last few years. RIP.
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    In the first pic he looks like John Lovitz.

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    He's remembered for Deer Hunter and the Heaven's Gate debacle but my favorites were the sleepers, Year Of The Dragon and Desperate Hours. He was peerless as an action film director and the best things imho Mickey Rourke ever did onscreen were in Cimino's films. RIP and thanks for dreaming big.

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    If you can snag a copy of FINAL CUT by Steven Bach (I bought mine in a discount bin in the mid-1980s), it's a great read about how decisions were and still are made in Hollywood, and the anatomy of an expensive failure. Of course, many film failures with a similar dismal cost/return ratio have been made since then, but at the time this was exceptional and did help ruin a historic enterprise.
    And it COULD be worse, you know. Cimino may have been responsible for abusing both horses and finances on the set of HG, but at least, nobody was KILLED during the filming of his movies. John Landis continued to have a lengthy career after the TWILIGHT ZONE debacle.
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    Quite the vain man he was. Deer Hunter was a masterpiece IMO, and I've never seen Heaven's Gate, but apparently it receives more favorable reviews today than it did then. (This could be because today's movies are no where near the caliber of 20+ years ago)
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