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Thread: Perry F. Rockwood ~The People's Gospel Hour

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    Perry F. Rockwood ~The People's Gospel Hour

    Some of you Canadian Hags whose local radio stations are owned by Golden West may remember this guy. I think he also broadcasted in the states as well.

    At about 6pm every week day, our local station had religious programming. This guy had a distinctive voice, and would open every broadcast with "Maranatha friends, the lord is coming", and ended with "May the lord bless you, and make you a blessing". I heard it on my way to piano lessons every week. Anyway, he croaked.

    Here's his obit: Apparently he had a bitter split with the church:


    HALIFAX–Perry F. Rockwood, a pastor whose weekly radio sermon, the Peoples Gospel Hour, has been heard around the world, has died in Halifax at the age of 90.
    Rockwood, who was born in New Glasgow, N.S., died Friday in hospital after a brief illness, about two weeks shy of his 91st birthday.
    Ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1943, Rockwood suffered a bitter break from the church a few years later after charging the faith's leaders with apostasy during a four-sermon series.
    The split made front-page news across Canada.
    The fundamentalist preacher soon founded a radio program called the Peoples Gospel Hour, which first aired Sept. 5, 1947, on CKCL Radio in Truro, N.S.
    Aside from that program, which airs Sundays, Rockwood's project has grown to include Monday through Friday radio broadcasts and the publication of religious booklets.
    His radio programs have been heard on stations in Canada, the United States and throughout the world, including Africa, Asia and Europe.
    Rockwood also founded and served as the pastor of the Missionary Bible Church in Halifax.
    During the Pope's visit to the region in 1984, Rockwood joined about 50 other people in a small parking lot behind the church to speak out against the Pope, the Roman Catholic Church and the sacraments.
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    I remember him! Actually, his programs are still heard on a number of stations.

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