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    Leo Fender

    Since Les Paul has now joined Leo in Rock 'n Roll Heaven, I thought it only fitting that Leo Fender should have his own thread. Also, my (pseudo) BIL married Leo's granddaughter. (Her grandmother Phyllis was Leo's wife and is the 'Blondie' behind G&L's 'Blondie' model.)

    Clarence Leonidas Fender (August 10, 1909 - March 21, 1991), also known as Leo Fender, was a Greek-American inventor who founded Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company, now known as Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, and later founded MusicMan and G&L Musical Products (G&L Guitars). His guitar, bass, and amplifier designs from the 1950s continue to dominate popular music more than half a century later. Marshall and many other amplifier companies have used Fender instruments as the foundation of their products. Fender and inventor Les Paul are often cited as the two most influential figures in the development of electric instruments in the 20th century.

    Fender recognized the potential for an electric guitar that was easy to hold, easy to tune, and easy to play. He also recognized that players needed guitars that would not feed back at dance hall volumes as the typical arch top would. In addition, Fender sought a tone that would command attention on the bandstand and cut through the noise in a bar. By 1949, he had begun working in earnest on what would become the first Telecaster (which was called the Broadcaster in its earlier years) at the Fender factory in Fullerton, California.

    A friendly, modest and unassuming man (his "coffee mug" was a styrofoam cup with the word "Leo" inked on it), he had the lifelong admiration and devotion of his employees, many of whom have remarked that the best working years of their lives were spent under Leo Fender. He died in 1991 from complications of Parkinson's disease. His pioneering contribution to the genre has been recognized by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. The company which bears his name, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, is now one of the largest musical instrument conglomerates in the world.

    The Blondie guitar
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    Nice post, Nessa.

    I've been a Fender fan from way back. Leo deserves respect for his innovations. I'm not a Tele fan but a Strat just seems to wrap right around a player. Excellent design and sound. Ease of playability and customization to the player. Strap one on and you'll know what I mean.

    I've got a Strat and a Geddy Lee Fender bass. Couldn't live with out either of them.

    Cheers, Leo. I'm sure that you welcomed Les as soon as he stepped through the gates.

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