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Thread: David Koresh and the Branch Davidians

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    There's a 6 part tv series on the Paramount channel.

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    We live under a government that lies about so many things -- I take it back, lies about EVERYTHING -- I'm giving Koresh the benefit of the doubt (since he and the rest of the dead men, women and children can no longer respond or defend themselves from another Official Story). It was only after he and his mostly women and children followers had been incinerated by the feds that the corporate media started creating this backstory that "he was running a meth lab", "he had an arsenal of illegal weapons", "he was abusing and/or molesting the children". That last one about "the children" is a real hoot, considering it was the feds that punched holes in the compound with tanks and pumped a chemical weapon banned by the Geneva Convention in wartime inside to end the standoff it created. The CS gas immediately ignited and fried all those "precious children" the government claimed to be oh-so concerned about. To cover its tracks, the feds then bulldozed the wreckage down to a depth of 6 inches (in case independent researchers wished to take soil samples), loaded it all on a convoy of dumptrucks and buried it in a giant pit that is fenced off from the public and under 24-hour guard.

    I would post before/after pix of what some of those kids looked like after they burned alive but the admins of this board would take them down for being too horrific. This was a P.R. disaster for the ATF that was already rocked by scandal and desperate for some good press but, as usual, they and the feds screwed up royally. Again.
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    From what I understand it was tear gas they pumped in, that isn't banned by the geneva concention, and no our government does not lie about everything, it wasn't media that was starting the rumors of the meth lab it was people in that town that was calling the media, yes the punched holes in the compound, they tired to do what they could to get those children out, each time they would go up on the compound they would get shot, so yeah they brought in heavy artillery, could it have been handled by the government better, perhaps, could it have been handled better by Koresh, you bet it could have.
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    Cops with a legal warrant - you might as well invite them in for coffee and a look around. They're coming in as soon as they like anyway; and they have the right and the authority to do so. Rightly or wrongly, my benefit of the doubt - if I had any doubt - would go with the guys serving the legal warrant.

    Guys who run around claiming to be prophets of God while gathering followers and carving out a private niche exclusively for their own "society" don't inspire anything but distrust and misgivings in me.

    The cops needed to go in there if for no other reason than to do a welfare check - on the children and adults alike; and give people who might want to leave an opportunity to do so, just in case they aren't really free to do so otherwise.

    Cult leaders and their followers aren't exactly known for their sane or rational beliefs and behaviors.

    Koresh caused this catastrophe.
    He should have just walked out there and invited those guys in, they weren't leaving; you might as well invite them in peaceably to satisfy their concerns.

    That's just how I see it anyway.
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