The Britcoms

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  1. I♥TinyTim
    So tell me! Which one is your favorite?
  2. Paige B
    Paige B
    Hiya!! I LOVE British television!! Being married to a Brit and living in London for a time..I have quiet the list of favorites. I love Ab Fab (of course), One Foot in the Grave, Victor of Dibley, Coupling, The Harry Enfield Show, The Alan Partridge Show...and although not a Britcom...I love Eastenders! How about you?
  3. I♥TinyTim
    Oh, The Coupling! I completely forgot about that one! One of my other favs. (Jeff is my favorite I'm engaged to a Brit (but I live in the USA; he lives here, also, but not with me). As you can probably tell, I love all the shows I mentioned in my description. I'm afraid I haven't heard of Ab Fab, Harry Enfield or Alan Partridge. What are those shows about? (Welcome to the discussion, BTW...).
  4. Paige B
    Paige B
    Ab Fab is Absolutely can get that on Netflix. Harry Enfield is a comedian, and he had his own show for awhile where he (and others) did different skits...VERY funny. Alan Partridge (played by Steve Coogan) was a ficticious talk show host who had his own "fake" television is so funny. The first time I saw the Alan Partridge show, I thought it was for real and I was like...OMG!!! OMG!!! because he is so awful to people. Once I realized it was a parody, it became much funnier. I have some of these shows recorded if you would ever like to see them.
  5. I♥TinyTim
    Ohhhhhhh ok. Sounds funny!
  6. I♥TinyTim
    Do you watch Monarch of the Glen? I love that show; however, I only really enjoy the ones where Lexie & Duncan are on the show.
  7. cachluv

    Here's some Alan Partridge. Extremely funny.
  8. I♥TinyTim
    Wendy Richard died! She played the blonde sales clerk on "AYBServed?" She was 65.
  9. Paige B
    Paige B
    I loved Wendy Richard. She also played Pauline Fowler on Eastenders for years.
  10. I♥TinyTim
    I have never seen Eastenders. I don't know if I've happened to have "just missed" it, or if they even play here in the states.
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