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  1. Nvr_Sk_to_Tll
    Thought I'd set this off with a question: What are hags reading this week/month/year?
  2. cindyt
    I'm reading The Only Living Witness: the True Story of Serial Sex Killer Ted Bundy by Stephen G. Michand and Hugh Aynesworth. Pretty good read. I have always been fascinated by Bundy, for one thing, I was a collage student with long brown hair parted on the side back when he was out and about doing his killing. Ew.

    What is your favorite all time book?
  3. cindyt
    I love the classic Alas Babylon by Pat Frank. It is dated, but by cracky is it a grand read. I read it so much my original copy just fell apart and i replaced it.

    Feature atomic war 1958c, a small town and a family left to cope with no government, no running water, no heat, ho phone, no electricity, no medicine, medical equipment or impliments and a doctor all but blind. First everyone who was going to have a heart attack or a baby has one. Then all the diabetics die. And some are so shocked they kill them self rather than face the future.

    I love me some books like this. I also enjoyed reading I Am Legend, but by God the ending was so disappointing I threw the book across the room.
  4. cindyt
    I love all of King's early books. I can't decide whether i like The Stand or It the best. He has his stories about childhood nailed down. I also enjoyed The Body (Stand by Me) and the short stores The Mist and The Raft.
  5. cindyt
    Hey, Panda!
  6. panda
    I love to read, problem is finding the time! I might not have a lot of input here as I can only read books with a subject that is of interest to me, mystery, suspense, some bios & that's it! I bought a lot of 30 Dean Koontz & John Saul books off ebay awhile back & am slowly making my way through them. Was thrilled to see the Fun House NVR SK TO TLL! I just finished that on my last vacation in April! My favorite book is called Shadow Divers, so I'll post a pic on the wall. I'm reading The Guardian by John Saul right now.

    When it comes to King books, I either love it or totally don't get it! Night Shift is my favorite. I admit though I usually wait for the movie so I know I'll understand it & not waste money on a book.
  7. MorbidMolly
    One of my all time favorite King novellas is the Reach.........haunting and beautiful.....he has gone soooooooo downhill compared to the early works * sigh *
  8. MorbidMolly
    Anne Rice is my most favorite though.......met her at a book signing and she was awesome.......I really need to scan some pics
  9. cindyt
    Oh, yeah, The Reach rocks. I'm not much for reading short stories, but I do read King's.

    I've read the Lestat series, my fave being Interview with the Vampire. I read it way back when it was first published and Rice wasn't as well known.

    I just cannot get into his later work. Even the horror is fucked, IMO.

    Have you read any of his wife's books? I luuuuuuv Small World, and there's another one that I cannot remember the title. I'll have to go look.
  10. lab_rat
    I love books!!! I am so happy to join this group.

    I am currently reading Atonement. I haven't had time lately to read, so I haven't gotten very far.
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