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  1. LadyCurry
    I sure hope I am not the only one that could use a little help once in awhile! SO...I have 4 kids. Dylan is 9, Amanda is 8, Tabitha is 4 and little Hannah is 2. I have my hands full and lately it has been GRRRRRRR! lol. SO...that is why I started this group...because other moms will understand!
  2. *racheal*
    I am all for it I have a 2year old Alyson and she can be such a handful. Yesterday she smashed cookies on the one of my couches. And then she took a pen and wrote in one of my college text books. I was so frustrated. I can always use some help with how the handle stuff like this. I am still kinda a new mom. Thanks
  3. LadyCurry
    Racheal...I totally understand. My 4 year old is awful! I actually did a facebook blog about her that is quite hilarious called a day in my life being the mother of Tabitha! Maybe I should post it here. It is quite funny looking back on it. My youngest, they just don't listen to anything I say at all. My two year old has recenly found her screaming at mom voicebox. I can't do anything right anymore. =(
  4. secretsquirrel13
    you guys are scaring me, lol!
    Kaiya is 6 months old and so far been a joy.....everyone tells me to just wait...
    I waited wayyyy too long to be a first time mom!!
  5. kelbons
    Oh, you're in for it!

    I'm starting to learn that age four is when the real attitude and sass begin! Emily will be four in a few more weeks...
  6. *racheal*
    I thought the same thing.She was such a good baby. she slept through the night only after 2 week of being home. When i was about to have Aly my friend had a 2 year old son and I would think "damn i hope Aly isn't like that. " But guess what she is just like that. I know it is just a faze. I am glad I found other moms like me it help so much.
  7. Ivy
    Hi! I have a 6, 8 and almost 15 year old so I'm not a new mum. But, since you all looked like nice ladies, I thought I'd like to join.
  8. *racheal*
    Welcome Ivy. All mom should stick together.
  9. *racheal*
    I just thought I would post a picture of my daughter Alyson.
  10. kelbons
    That's my baby girl!
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