American Animated Sitcoms

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  1. cindyt
    Love me some King of the Hill! Used to watch The Flintstones and The Jetsons.
  2. Nvr_Sk_to_Tll
    King of the Hill rocks...really one of the few 'nice' animated shows left (not that it doesn't get a bit rough with the humor sometimes.)
  3. PvN73
    I love them! Also Drawn Together, soooo bad that show! GLad to see new futurama eps are out. Excellent news!
  4. ichabodius
    I love Roger from American Dad.
  5. Xtine
  6. ichabodius
    So wheres all the freakin conversation?
  7. PvN73
    You always rely on others to start the convo don't you slore....

    So who has seen the new eps of futurama? I keep missing them here! Are they as good as the old ones?
  8. ichabodius
    I dont think there are new eps only 2 straight to dvd movies so far. New eps start in fall I think.
  9. seurtoFW
    I'm a huge King of the Hill fan, Simpsons and South Park. What I want to know, is when is Luann ever gonna have that baby? Is she ever gonna look pregnant??
  10. dovescry1999
    I love FG,Simpsons, Boondocks, all the old warner brother cartoons (Where Bugs Bunny liked to Crossdress?)
    Love the Tex Avery stuff, too !
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