Greetings & Short Game Quiz ;)

  1. Noor 7ayaty
    Noor 7ayaty
    Hello, Fellow Gamers! Even though i don't have as much time to play lately, I'm definitely still a gamer =) Would love to discuss gaming stuff with you like:

    What was your first gaming platform?

    What's your most fave platform today?

    What games are tops with you, and are you into any game series such
    as 'Halo' or 'Final Fantasy'?

    Even though there are some games that seem to be a combo of both, I lean more toward RPG than FPS. I've saved my consoles & games from throughout the years, and sometimes have a great time just playing older platforms.

    Only recently have I been able to get back to playing again, back to work on Final Fantasy and a version of "Gauntlet" that I'd never beaten 100% yet; it's one of the two PS2 versions.

    Pease take a moment to answer any of the questions above when you have a bit of time, and thanks in advance!

    Have a great Week!

  2. Sandyandy
    My first platform was the NES but now I am using the Nintendo DSlite.

    Halo and Final Fantasy are not my favorites. I like mystery games and lifetime simulators.

    I have a lot of fun too playing with my old NES or Sony game station.
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