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  1. Thankee!!!
  2. Welcome back
  3. *FAINT*...CRASH, boom, BAM!!! You are one lucky chick...Even alphabetically you were blessed! LOL...You silly girl...O.K...So if I can smell...Can I lick? BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Thank you SOOOO much for sharing that!
  4. If I am remembering correctly it was back in 1992 or 93 in Madison Square Garden in the VIP section (my husband got us in there...I would never spend money to be a vip...always got through those velvet ropes on my style only but since he was with me it was his doing) and it was a show that Elizabeth Taylor put on for her AIDS charity. I remember it so clearly because Adam Curry was on the left and Tim Curry was seated to my right.....and I was joking that we got CURRIED.
    He is super talented but so are you honey.....and you can smell me anytime. hugs!
  5. *Howie weeps openly* WHY CAN'T I SIT NEXT TO HIM!?!?!?!?! I swear you are SO lucky...That must have been an experience...He is such an entertainer...Sure he's sexy, but he has more talent in his little pinky than most of Hollywood has in a whole...Thank you for sharing that...If you happened to brush up against him, shake his hand, or anything of the like...If I ever meet you...CAN I SMELL IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Man...You have done something that doesn't happen much...You have made me speechless...Alright...So I'm not speechless...What show was it?!?!
  6. Did I ever tell you about when I sat next to tim curry at a concert once?
  7. Have a charming weekend the louisville slugger x2 and will swing by in the burnmobil to getcha
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