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  1. Big Ass Sandwich Co. & Saloon
    4378 Business 17
    Murrells Inlet

    Pretty much rate 4 outta 5 stars....May try it 2nite!
  2. Yeah, well, you're in the center of the rice plantation universe. Atalaya is really awesome though, you should check it out. I'll think of some other places you may want to try to visit, although I'm better with restaurants. Oh, if you want some really good Italian food, try Rossi's in MB. It will be a drive for you, and kind of expensive, BUT for you and the hubs it will be a nice place to eat. They guy that owns it used to be a business associate of my father and it was my mother's favorite place on earth!
  3. Aw come I was hoping to spend sometime at the rice museum or that state park on the way to charleston that used to be a rice plantaion (as you can tell Ive had my fill of rice this summer) lol
  4. I too grew up here as a small child and it's totally different from what I remember! Pck a new place to visit each week and see what you find you like. I know you are close to Huntingdon State Park and Atalaya Castle, so if you haven't tried there yet (I know it's been freezing lately) I highly reccomend visiting it. It's not "civil war" historic, but it is historic for our area and a really nice place. I have friends who go there often for their photography business.
  5. My hubbys family is actually from here and when he wuz in the states (he grew up oversees) he wuz here or Pawleys so he considers this his "home" me not so sure
  6. It's my pleasure! I hear your story all the time! People come here on vacation and think to themselves "Oh what a beautiful place! I'd LOVE to live here!" so they move here and realize they don't like it as much as they thought they would. Everything here is for a tourist who will only be here a very short time. Once you actually have to function day to day it's totally different place! Good luck!
  7. Thanks for all your help!!! Dont know why I let hubster talk me down here except for the weather that is lol
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